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Hip surgeon Dr. Demhartner performs surgical procedures all over the world – with numerous exclusive benefits

Latest generation of hip implants, created by 3D printing for a highly accurate fit, produced with laser precision and featuring smaller skin incision – a highly durable and extremely compatible polyethylene implant with Vitamin E

Dr. Thomas Demhartner


Specialist in orthopaedics and trauma surgery, general surgery, special trauma surgery, emergency medicine; accident insurance consultant

Dr. Demhartner’s current surgical profile results from a variety of activities in Erlangen, Munich, Switzerland, the USA, Australia, China, South America and South Africa, as well as a grant for the Harvard Medical School to perform fundamental medical research and a 24-month research grant from the German Research Foundation at the Inselspital in Berne under Professor Ganz.

Dr. Demhartner and his team perform approximately 250 hip endoprosthesis and 210 hip arthroscopic operations per year – with experience gained from more than 6,000 operations performed in all areas of hip surgery.

Specialist areas

Arthroscopic hip surgery

Joint-preserving hip operations

(Hip arthroscopy with hip impingement and osteoarthritis)

Hip pains with athletes

Endoprosthetic hip joint replacement

Replacement of endoprosthetic hip joint

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